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Slabaugh, Michael

This is Mr. Slabaugh and I am the Elementary and 8th Grade Art Teacher, as well as our new High School Digital Art course. I am originally from Kokomo, Indiana and have been developing my artistic style my entire life. My style has a very unique cartooning/illustrative look to it. I plan on using my skills and life earned knowledge to help your child become a better artist. Art helps a child to see things differently, think outside the box and can even be a constructive outlet throughout their life. We are working on many things this year from drawing with basic shapes and colors with the younger students to learning about different artists and their styles with the older students. My high school students are going to be learning Adobe Photoshop in digital Art which is one of the hottest programs in the work force.

Your child will have the luxury of no homework from my class, that's right.... no homework. In my class each student is given a good amount of time to work on each project in my class with my assistance. This allows them the comfort of not needing to take projects back and forth and complete them in one spot with any assistance they might want or need. My 8th grade and high school students are permitted to bring home work if they find it beneficial to meet guidelines.

What does your child need for art class. They need to be present and willing to learn. The first step to success is effort, and if they are here and trying the will be successful in my class. Your child is not required to bring supplies but if they would like to have their own set of tools they can bring a pouch or container of their own personal crayons, markers or colored pencils as well as regular pencil as long as it is not disruptive and does not take a large space. They will not be able to leave it in my room but they may bring it back and forth if they like. I will have a supply for the students that do not choose to bring their own. I will also be more then happy to accept supplies for volunteer hours which I will go into on the volunteer hours page.

I look forward to the exciting year ahead with your child and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me. Thank you.

M. Slabaugh