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Student Government

Sponsors: Dr.Pagan
Grades 3-5 
Grades 6-8 
Grades 9-11 

Campaigning for Student Government (Student Council) has begun. Students interested in being Class President, Vice-President, Treasurer or Secretary first had to pass through a round of teacher completed surveys. The teachers were asked to complete forms referencing the students level or responsibilty, behavior, leadership, and of course, academic performance. The students who made it through that round then sat for Interviews with the Sponsors. A few bright and shining stars have made the round 2 cut and are now covering the campus in posters hoping to get the majority vote.

Campaigning began on Sep 1st  and will continue until Sep 30th.
Candidate Debates will be held on 15th .
The student body will vote on Sep,30th 2014 and the winners will be announced on Sep,30th 2014.