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School Curriculum and Services
Charter schools are run independently, thus the way children are taught is different from the way they are taught in traditional public schools. Somerset has its own research-based curriculum, based on Florida’s Sunshine State Standards, encompassing the core subject areas of math, reading/language arts, science, and social sciences.

Just as each student learns differently, each teacher has his or her own unique style of teaching. Therefore, our curriculum will encompass elements of whole language and phonics instruction, as well as whole group, small group and cooperative activities. Likewise, both the teachers and administration develop our curriculum, as all of the members of the Somerset Academy team are integral facilitators of knowledge.

We at Somerset Academy believe that children of today need to be proficient in the use of technology.    We have Promethean Boards and LCD projectors in every classroom. Promethean Boards are interactive white boards that bring lessons to life. We have many technological programs that support our reading, math and science curriculum’s.


As a public charter school, we provide ESE services as stated on a child’s IEP. We ask that you bring a copy of your child’s current IEP and meet with our ESE specialist and/or administrative team.


Although we do not currently have self-contained gifted classes, we follow goals and objectives specified on Gifted Students IEP. Students labeled “Gifted” receive instruction with a gifted-focused curriculum. For more information about this, please contact a school administrator.

Special Area Classes

We will offer a variety of special area classes such as Spanish, Physical Education, Health, Art, Music, Library/Research, and Computers. Other programs such as Band, Chorus, Intensive Reading and Math, Study Skills, and other Core Enrichment classes will be considered and/or developed for implementation as our school progresses in its development. The concept of our charter program will focus on advancements in science, math and technology. Student participation in a hands-on science program that focuses on key environmental issues will help promote peace, harmony and balance in our world. The consumer math curriculum we put in place will provide our students with the economic base required to succeed in the real world. In addition, all of our classrooms are equipped with computers and we also provide our students with a computer course that teaches computer and web design basics in a lab setting.