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Sparks, Jaclyn
My name is Jaclyn Sparks. I am originally from Long Island, New York but grew up in Florida. I have an Associates Degree in Paralegal from Broward College and a Bachelors Degree in Spanish from Florida Atlantic University. I originally wanted to be an Immigration Attorney but my passion changed and I decided that teaching was the route I wanted to take. I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Linguistics with a specialization in second language acquisition and hope finish by Spring 2014.

I began teaching in November of 2010 at Somerset Prep, North Lauderdale. Over the years I have taught Spanish, Teacher Assisting, Computer Applications and Career and Decision Making Skills. I enjoy teaching a variety of electives because it gives me the opportunity to do creative projects with the students and watch them grow as individuals and find their passions.

My spare time is spent with my two daughters. I enjoy going to the beach, the zoo, watching movies and rollerblading. I have a strong passion for foreign languages, cultures and theories. I hope to one day travel throughout Central and South America and teach English as a second language to college students.